Day One

Today was day 1 of our whole30 plan.

Before we started this plan I chose a bunch of recipes that matched the plan’s guidelines and created a menu that would help set us all up for success.  We decided going shopping every 4 days (about) would work best as the foods we are eating go bad at a much quicker rate!  The whole30 plans says that it’s more important to stick to the do’s/don’t rather than worrying about whether something is organic, free-range, non-gmo etc.  Personally, I do care about those things so since not everyone in our clan does care, we decided to use the Clean 15/Dirty Dozen list when choosing organic or not.  If you are not familiar, this list shows what foods, when tested, show the highest amounts of pesticides and why it would be important to choose organic in these cases.  Seemed like a fair compromise for me!

The whole30 plan’s rule #7 tells you to ditch your scale, as there are better ways to measure your health.  So, we won’t be weighing ourselves to see if we lost weight in the midst of our next 30 days, but we will do before and after numbers so see if this happened over the 30 days, just because of course we will be curious!

Back to day 1.  Today we ate hard-boiled eggs (2) for breakfast, Cinco de Mayo Steak Salad ( for lunch, and Garbage Stir-Fry with Curried Cabbage for dinner (

Breakfast was fine, as we ate this with coffee (creamed with coconut milk) in hand on the way to church this morning.  By the time we were on our way home, my stomach was feeling pretty hungry!

Cinco de Mayo Steak Salad- we used chicken :)For lunch, instead of steak we used chicken breasts to top the salad.  It was good, but I found myself thinking, “Oh wow, this would be so good with some goat cheese!”  Scratch that.  I was still a tiny bit hungry after, but felt fine.   It was funny because today at church my husband, Aaron, said, “I can’t wait to go home and watch the football game and eat a salad.” Sarcastically of course- but he liked the salad.


For dinner we doubled the recipe so that we could eat this for lunch tomorrow as well.  Well, we’ll have to modify our plan because it just wasn’t enough food.  We ate a bit extra and left a bit for lunch but will need to add more.  We also ate some carrots and I ate a few raisins.  Aaron and Ezra, our friend, each at 2 eggs as well.  Yikes!  Guess I’ll need to plan appropriate sizes and/or an appropriate side next time.  Oh well, we’ll figure it out.  The recipe was really good though- loved the flavor!

So we have day one down and in the books!  Only, errr… only?, 29 days to go!  I’m excited about it, and for me personally, it will be more of a mental challenge than a physical one.  Not sure what has been the most challenging aspect for others, but that’s how I’m feeling now.  Who knows how I’ll feel tomorrow or next week!


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