Day Two- a day late!

Yikes.  Yesterday was exhausting, I was forcing myself to stay up and post our day but as I sent the photos of our meals by phone died and I just went to bed.

For breakfast we sautéed a zucchini, onion, and spinach in ghee and had two eggs on the side.  I’m guessing that breakfast will always entail something like this.  It’s easy and quick, unfortunately something that’s important when you only wake up 25 minutes before you have to leave for work!

Next for lunch, I spent all this time prepping the leftovers in everyones containers, with a cooked sweet potato and 1/4 chicken breast for a snack, and I left mine on the island.  So I ran to Whole Foods over my lunch break and grabbed some Kale Guacamole and carrots, as well as a Strawberry Serenity kombucha.  This one is awesome! And it’s also the lowest in sugar.  I did check online to make sure that kombucha was on the ‘ok’ list to drink- and it is!

photo 3photo 2

For dinner we had these awesome chicken slides from What I Gather- Chicken Sliders (  I had some leftover guacamole from lunch so we topped it with that and then had a side of green beans.  My mom added her fork to the photo because she said it looked “artsy.”  The photo looks kind of gross…. but it was awesome!  Later on for a snack we had Sugar Detox Carrot Cake Pudding (  I’ve made this before and was HAPPILY reminded this would fit into Whole 30.   I know you’re not really supposed to remake desserts, but I felt ok about eating this.  I wasn’t eating it because I was craving a sweet/candy, I was just still hungry!  We couldn’t get a picture of this because we ate it before I was able to.  It’s so good! Doesn’t taste like cooked carrots- which I absolutely hate. Also, I don’t keep coconut butter on hand because I don’t use it much but Whole Foods has these little 2 T packets which are perfect for the recipe!

photo 1

So two days in, for me personally it’s been hard not to grab an extra sweet. I often get lunch from Whole Foods and do choose healthy options but it was weird not being able to get some sort of chocolate with lunch!  I missed that- but hey, it saved me a few dollars!

I haven’t added any physical activity besides my normal in… so no updates on that!

I also was hoping to add in some sort of routine with my relationship with God in, something where I struggle with discipline… I’m still thinking on that.  I have been really thankful though to God to be able to do this Whole 30 with family/friends because it’s fun to see something that I am passionate take a place in someone else’s life- that hopefully extends beyond 30 days.  I feel like God has really given me a passion for healthy/holistic living (and His power in that) and I love sharing that!


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