Day 3

Wahoo!  I read so many things about the Whole 30 plan and some people said they feel awful day 3-4 but I feel fine!  Actually, I have been so stressed (my own fault about over analyzing everything) that I haven’t thought much about how I felt about all the food.  Not to be braggy, because everyone probably starts the Whole 30 at different parts of their health journey, but I feel like I eat pretty similarly to this in real life.  I guess I eat maybe a bit more fruit, I eat peanut butter, I’ll have dairy too.  Actually, I just figured out what will be most different to me in this diet- dairy.  I like cheese a lot!  The others said yesterday and today were feeling kind of crummy, really hungry, groggy etc.

This morning we all had a hard boiled egg and a breakfast sausage.  I think the breakfast sausage was chicken and fennel… not my fave because I don’t love fennel but it was fine.  There weren’t many options because so many sausage have lots of extra ingredients!  I won’t add a photo… because I took it and well, its just looks like a hot dog on a frying pan and I think everyone knows what that would look like. Nothing special!  Ok, ok, I’ll post it.

photo 1-2 <— There it is.  Intriguing huh?

Then for lunch I ate some left overs that I didn’t get to eat yesterday and then for another lunch I made Paleo Fall Curry last night. This is another one of my favorite recipes. I love curry and this is an awesome, easy recipe.  I want to stay I stumbled upon this recipe sometime last year and make it probably every other week. (

For dinner we made chicken with apple and hatch chiles.  Also, I had a hatch chile which is why I chose this recipe- when I went back to Whole Foods they were already out of season- so we bought poblano instead to at the advisement of the produce man.(

Not my favorite recipe, it was fine but just not a whole ton of flavor.


I wish I had some witty remarks to say about life but since I don’t, I’ll stick to posting the my Whole 30 journey and sharing photos of breakfast sausages!


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