Day 4

Dehydrated!!! That’s how everyone feels today.  I felt thirsty all day and I could see it in my face when I looked in the mirror and see my skin looks all crinkly dry.  Other than that, today was a good day.  With all this cooking means a whole lot of cleaning.  My mom and I have been washing a bazillion dishes and the cooking- I’m going to try to leave more of the dishes for the men 🙂   Our living situation is that a) we just sold our house last week b) we moved into my parents basement while we save again and look for a new home c) our friend is ALSO living with my parents d) this is not weird.

I grew up always having people that were either stuck or in in-between places of life living with our family.  My parents have always had extra space and have been generous with letting people use them!  My dad is retired now so he’s up at the family cabin a lot- so I’m sure my mom actually likes it, having people around and all!  I love it because my mom and I are so close so it’s fun to spend time together.  We are really blessed to be staying here.

Today, I forgot my lunch AGAIN. What is wrong with me? I left it on the island but this time my lovely husband told me he’d bring it to me.  It’s almost a shame because I would have rather had raspberries, carrots and guac, and a kombucha like I did on Monday.  I don’t like chicken thighs.  They look gross, they smell gross, I literally had to plug my nose eating this salad.  But I ate it all, and choked it down.  Seriously though, just a basic salad.  Spinach, avocado, carrots, cucumbers, chicken thighs, lemon juice and olive oil.  BUT, my boss made this amazing soup out of potatoes, carrots and squash.  It was all Whole 30 approved all though I don’t have the recipe link to post… It was just pureed and straight delicious.  That made up for the thighs.

But dinner…. My OH my!  Was this delicious.  Besides the fact that I literally didn’t have to do any of the prep work for it (thanks Mom!) it was one of my favorite tasting dishes yet.  It was so filling.  And no, the yellow/orange item in the photo is not cheese, it’s an heirloom tomato.  The recipe was from the Whole 30 blog and my mom found it.  (  In the photo off the blog, the slider looks huge but keep in mind the “bun” is a slice of sweet potato and those  rounds are small.  I think we each got 3-4 but it was a perfect amount.  Snacked on some of the leftover turkey.  Definitely make these- although my mom did say they were a lot of work!

photo 2photo 1